Project Happy {Year 5}: Days 71-80

Every time I come to write one of these posts I find myself exclaiming at how quickly the time has gone and how busy we’ve been recently. I think I need to accept that it’s just the season of life that we’re in right now. Life is busy. Time passes.

It’s important to make the most of it and notice the little things because before I know it this season will have passed and the next one will be different again.  We only get to live each day once – we may as well live them happy.

My moments of joy from the last ten days:

Day 71: A belated birthday present arriving in the post. I love this film so much!

Day 72: A surprise bouquet of belated birthday flowers from my mother-in-law

Day 73: The sweetest gift from my littlest one

Day 74: A fun little photoshoot on the field by our house after school

Day 75: Felix enjoying soaking up the sunshine

Day 76: Mimi’s birthday party – Flip Out, Pizza Hut, birthday cake and a sleepover with her best friend!

Day 77: A lovely walk along the canal followed by a spot of tree climbing and an ice cream

Day 78: I started a new book today

Day 79: Listening to my new George Ezra album (another birthday present) on repeat, especially this song

Day 80: These two were in a school netball tournament today, each on a different team. They came second and third!

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